1. Rosemunde was founded in 2004

At Rosemunde, we wish to offer all women "a luxury feeling - every day", and what perhaps best defines everyday luxury is our iconic silk top, which saw the light back in 2004 when Rosemunde was founded. For our silk essentials, we only use the finest silk available, in a mix of 70% silk and 30% cotton. The silk/cotton combination allows your skin to breathe and regulates your body temperature helping you keep warm when it is cold and cold when it is warm. Our Rosemunde silk tops are knitted as tubes with no side seams, resulting in a great fit no matter the body shape and a high level of comfort. Moreover, Rosemunde is rooted in Scandinavian values, with romantic, feminine dynamism at its core. The company is built on beautiful clothes that are easy to wear, such as our bestselling signature silk camisoles, cardigans and fine knits. Functionality and femininity are the two essential elements in each and every piece that bears the Rosemunde name, offering women a luxury feeling - every day.

2. Relaunch of brand

In 2012 Rosemunde experienced a relaunch of the brand and the Rosemunde woman has experienced a brand in strong development. While valuing previous styles, our collections have over the years developed. Now a new area with four annual collections is a fact and new versions and combination of the classic styles are to be seen. Rosemunde consists of timeless classic pieces like our silk tops accompanied by more fashion forward styles like luxurious silk dresses and feminine shirts and blouses – all details being unique. Still Rosemunde places a great honour in staying true to the core DNA though adapting to the international fashion scene. Everyday luxury is the lifeblood of Rosemunde and the mission statement is “a luxury feeling – every day”.

3. First Rosemunde mono brand store in China

Rosemunde is proud to announce the opening of the 1st Rosemunde brand store in Raffle City, Beijing. The brand store is located together with other well-known international fashion brands in beautiful surroundings.

4. The 10 year anniversary collection, Now & Then

The anniversary collection, Now & Then, is rooted in the brands values with romantic and feminine dynamism at it score and with the aim to celebrate a century of everyday luxury. With the launch of the anniversary collection Now & Then, Rosemunde presents ten unique pieces as part of the upcoming Fall 2014 collection.

5. New flag ship store in Copenhagen

In October 2015, Rosemunde opened a flag ship store in Copenhagen. It is with great enthusiasm that Rosemunde openes a store at Jægersborg Allé 35 surrounded by the area’s other interesting shops. The beautifully decorated store will help to strengthen our brand and allows us to show customers our entire universe that holds our elegant lace, silk tops, shoes, bags and a clothing line for the girls.

6. Introducing new bag collection

A new bag collection from Rosemunde was launched together with the FALL 2016 collection. The bags are elegant in design with timeless appeal. Our bags are functional designed with detachable and or adjustable straps for cross-body wear. The collection embraces everything from a small purse, clutch, top handle bag and big shopper suitable for every occasion with room for women’s absolute necessities. The bags come in many beautiful colours and are the perfect accessory for every occasion whether it is a night out, shopping or just for everyday use.

7. Opening the 10th store in China

In August 2016, Rosemunde opened brand store no 10 in China. The store is located on the busy Pedestrian Street, Nanjing Road. The brand store is the first Rosemunde mono brand store in Shanghai.

8. First Rosemunde shop-in-shop in Japan

Rosemunde is proud to announce the opening of the 1st Rosemunde shop-in-shop in Tokyo. The shop is located together with other well-known international fashion brands in beautiful surroundings in the Tokyo-Honten department store.


This year Rosemunde celebrates 15 years of everyday luxury with our iconic silk top becoming our most popular style throughout theses years worldwide. Our iconic silk top with the beautiful vintage lace trim embraces both functionality and femininity is sold to women all over the world and is designed to last season after season for a luxury feeling – every day.


2024 - new beginning

Rebranding of Rosemunde

This year is a new beginning for Rosemunde. While we keep our core we get a new look!