HOME - a little extra everyday luxury to your home

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HOME - a little extra everyday luxury to your home

We have some exciting news - our new Home Collection has just launched and we have been excited to show you the new items. The Home collection includes luxurious towels made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton and robes made of 100% organic cotton.


Do you want to add a little extra everyday luxury to your home? 

This is made easy with our new towels and bathrobes from our new Home collection. 


The towels are made of bamboo and organic cotton, which gives your towel a unique softness. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton and with one soft and gentle pat of the towel on your body, you will be much drier than if you were to use a cotton towel.


Moreover, bamboo towels have anti-bacterial properties, which prevents moisture from growing in towels that are moist as well as keeping bad smell away - even after many times in the washing machine.


Our soft bathrobes are designed in 100% organic cotton and are comfortable against the skin when you get out of the shower or when wanting to relax after a long day away from home. The robe is designed with a belt and two front pockets.

Both towels and bathrobe come in gorgeous colours to suit your bathroom.

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