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The cardigan hasn’t been fashionable since the 90s where you would see it as a part of a school uniform or in the wardrobe of your grandmother. But now the cardigan is again becoming a must-have key piece in any woman’s wardrobe with a new take on how to wear and style it. New colourful designs, styled young and trendy but with the functionality of the cardigan maintained. 


Lace cardigans, silk cardigans, cashmere cardigans - women’s cardigans are particularly trending just now due to the numerous designs to choose from. At Rosemunde we have a wide selection of cardigans in different fabrics, styles and colours whether you prefer feminine lace, soft cashmere or sensual silk. 



The hottest trend just now is this feminine cardigan, which has taken the social media by storm and we see why! This style is sensual, feminine and elegant and can be styled several different ways. Wear the cardigan as a blouse to follow the trend. 



A cardigan designed in silk and cotton adorned with lace trim creates an elegant and feminine look. The luxurious fabric allows your skin to breathe while regulating your body temperature. The cardigan can be used all year round which makes it a must-have style in your wardrobe. The cardigan is available in several different shades allowing you to find the perfect colour just for you. 


This cardigan for women is a must-have!


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